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The roots of Arzum Dis Ticaret ve Pazarlama A.S. was first established by three brothers who started business as importers of a wide range of products such as small kitchen appliances, toys, sewing machines, ventilators, irons, radios, bicycles and televisions in 1953 with the formation of Guney Ithalat Kollektif Sirketi. First they became Krups′ Turkey Country Distributör. Then in 1960 by being partners of a TV factory they started to produce Delta branded TV and radios. The brothers continued improving their business and in 1966 they started to produce small kitchen appliances with its own brand name. The iron in 1967, the mechanic vacuum cleaner in 1968 and the citrus press in 1975 were the first products launched with the brand name Arzum. Despite the fact that Arzum was having only 15 models in 1995, today the range of products are separated into 7 main categories: food preparation, beverage preparation, cooking and frying, house cleaning, personal care, and baby care. Today Arzum has over 100 different models in these categories. After its continuous growth in domestic market, Arzum decided to start overseas sales and started to export in 2001. As Turkey is on the way to EU, Arzum has begun to export products with the mission of introducing the Turkish culture in European countries. Some of the countries to which Arzum exports are Germany, Iran, Cyprus, Iraq, Turkmenistan, Lebanon, Jordan, Kirghizstan, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Romania.



“Otakçılar Cad., No: 78, Fiat Ofis Binası, B Blok, Kat: 1, Eyüp, İstanbul, TURKEY”

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